Jeff Swift

Author, Digital Community Organizing

He is a master at connecting people to each other and is able to make the introduction to just the right person to make a project succeed. Adriel brings people together and helps them work together better than they ever would have otherwise.

Gayle McLaughlin

Former Mayor of Richmond, CA

The Adriel Hampton Group is the real deal. They are carving out a high-tech pathway to overcome the corporate money that has dominated our electoral field for way too long – something sorely needed by all corporate-free progressive campaigns. Adriel Hampton and his team were an extraordinary asset to my campaign effort for California Lt. Governor. We would never have reached the millions of voters that we did without their brilliant technical assistance.

La Donna Lokey

Social Media Strategist and Political Advisor

One hour of his time is worth 5 hours of working with anyone else. Adriel is a brilliant strategist with excellent political instincts and the heart of a true activist and visionary. He stays on the cutting edge of tools & technology, isn’t afraid to take risks, and always asks the difficult questions. When you need a true partner who is as invested in a project as you are, this is who you want on your team.

Joe Green


Adriel is one of the best people I have worked with. He has a huge heart, and always acts out of a deep desire to help people. He deeply understands the intersection of community organizing and social media and has the courage to use himself as the guinea pig.