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We work with themost innovativebrands formovementorganizing

We work with themost innovativebrands formovementorganizing

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Seer, madman, builder, protector,the name behind the firm, meet Adriel Hampton.

Decades in political journalism, city government, and political technologyto create the world’s most effective software, data, and strategic solutions.

At 18, Adriel spent two years running his community college newspaper before transferring to UC Berkeley, where he studied Rhetoric while working as an editor for a local newspaper chain.

Adriel was the first blogger at the San Francisco Examiner, where he served as Political Editor. He was the first person to use Twitter to run for Congress, obtained a private investigator license while working for the San Francisco City Attorney, and worked as a founding team member of NationBuilder and Pinpoint Predictive.

Adriel has the skills of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the heart of a Berkeley activist. He’s been a popular speaker and podcaster on “Gov 2.0,” a pizza delivery man, a roofer, and still considers himself first a writer.

Adriel has helped hundreds of campaigns with their technology needs, co-founded one of the left’s most popular Facebook pages, and has written more than a hundred thousand tweets.

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Election 2020: boots on the ground & bits in the cloud

I'm getting excited about the election. I feel my pulse get a tiny bit faster watching political ads, getting text messages, seeing people volunteer. It feels "American" even though I know we don't always live up to our ideals. Not all the Founders…

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What does 2020 Hold for Big Data, AI and Tech?

Forbes predicts "AI, Disinformation, and Human Augmentation" in 2020 and I can't say I disagree, but let's take a deeper dive. I'm especially interested in the way that new technology, and new conversations, are building upon existing ones. 2019…

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Per-Vote Municipal Election Spending and Climate Change: Seattle Questions

Crises, divisions, and battle stakes are all accelerating. That's why it's increasingly important for political candidates to have good information on voters, using vendors like our client Accurate Append, an email, and phone contact data quality…

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