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Adriel Hampton

creative director

Adriel has the skills of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the heart of a Berkeley activist. He’s been a popular speaker and podcaster on “Gov 2.0,” a pizza delivery man, a roofer, and still considers himself first a writer. Adriel has helped hundreds of campaigns with their technology needs, co-founded one of the left’s most popular Facebook pages, and has written more than a hundred thousand tweets.

Sarah Goldzweig


Sarah (she/her) graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 with a degree in Political Economy. Though originally from Los Angeles, she is currently in London pursuing a research degree at the Bartlett School of Planning and studying how the development of Downtown LA has been characterized by legally-legitimated violence.

Astrid Cota

artist & graphic designer

Astrid Cota (she/they) is a twenty-year-old graphic designer, political science undergrad, and organizer with People’s City Council Los Angeles. Since learning about the phenomenon of people power, they have been motivated to fight the intersecting forms of oppression that have impacted their community for decades. 

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Capitalism, Labor Unions, and Strikes

A wave of labor strikes — the scope of which has not been seen for decades — is sweeping across the United States. In fact, more than 100,000 workers are either involved in strikes or will be if threatened strikes happen. And the militancy of the…

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The History of Antifa

Guest post Contrary to the narrative pushed by conservatives like Donald Trump, Antifa is not an organization. Indeed, to describe Antifa as an “organization” would directly contradict its inherently decentralized character. To “be Antifa”…

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Eugene Debs: Political Communicator

It would be interesting to see how the public—even the left public—would respond to Eugene V. Debs if he were alive today. Debs was so morally sentimental and personally vulnerable in his rhetoric that it is difficult to predict how audiences would…

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